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Be patient and persevere when you don’t hear

WORLD STREETS: The Politics of Transport in Cities

chinese horses running - chinese-painting ink P080084L

when you don’t hear the
hoofing sounds of horses put
your ear to the ground

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Onde é que está acontecendo?

26 nov 2012: Nesta data, a atividade principal neste projeto colaborativo está ocorrendo no site Facebook associado em Você está convidado a conferir e participar, se você quer ser uma parte desta comunicação e exercício de construção de conhecimento.

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And in the meantime we invite you to read World Streets, for which a full guide of the high points  is available here just to your left.

WORLD STREETS: The Politics of Transport in Cities

When I or anyone else with a transportation issue burning in the front of our brain, walk into City Hall  to talk to the mayor about the important topic which bring us into her office, here is what we implicitly assume is her dominant preoccupation behind these exchanges:

If only it were so.

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Message from Kaohsiung

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O ciclista Invisível: Transporte Justiça

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The transportation justice movement calls into question government subsidies of transportation forms that tend to benefit largely white and affluent urban and suburban commuters and advocates for better transit options and safer streets for poor people and people of color. This population of cyclists is largely uncounted, unrecognized, and unrepresented. Put simply, these are the invisible cyclists. In many cases, invisible cyclists are the constituents of transportation justice organizations, but only insofar as they are poor people of color. As cyclists, they remain invisible.

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Equidade/Transporte: Ver das favelas de Nairobi

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We present this here as one of a series of postings which are intended to serve as food for thought and broader background on our topic as lived and seen from different angles and environments around the world, as we move ahead on the key cooperative program in Helsinki. Continuar a ler

Equity-Based Transportation Planning, Policy and Practice: First Helsinki project announcement

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This week we initiate work on the first stages of preparatory organization in support of an “open conversation” looking into the pros and cons, the possibilities and eventual impossibilities,  of creating an equity-based transportation system at the level of a city and the surrounding region.  This first pioneering project, in which we hope will become a series of leading world city projects building on this first example, is being carried out under the leadership of  the Helsinki Department of City Planning and Transportation, and is running over the period mi-February through mid-April.

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Criação de massa crítica no Facebook

É fantástico que em apenas 24 horas tenhamos passado de zero a 26 membros, a maioria de nós vindos do antigo Grupo do Facebook. O próximo passo é trazermos mais gente, como por exemplo amigos que partilham as ideias que temos. O truque é trazer os cerca de 100 membros do antigo Grupo e depois então crescer. É muito parecido com ciclismo seguro: Quanto mais pessoas andarem de bicicleta na rua mais seguro se torna para todos.

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Nova Mobilidade Facebook está se movendo

Diogo Martins escreve nesta data:
Tal como o Eric Britton disse mais abaixo, o projecto Nova Mobilidade está a mudar-se para esta página do Facebook em vez do grupo. O novo endereço é

Para a mudança precisamos da ajuda de todos, actualmente o grupo tem 109 pessoas, e precisamos de mover todos para esta página, por isso a tarefa que vos deixamos é simples, convidem todos os vossos amigos para esta nova página, assim conseguiremos passar toda a gente e poderão manter-se actualizados em relação ao projecto que poderá evoluir a partir daqui.

A vossa ajuda é essencial tal como a vossa colaboração.

In homage to Lee Schipper

In homage to Lee Schipper Our long-time colleague and very dear friend Lee Shipper left us on Tuesday evening, warmly surrounded by family and loving friends. Since he meant so much to so many of us who have been involved in the uphill struggle for sustainability in all its forms and corners of our lives, I thought it would be appropriate to open up these pages over the next days, and possibly more than that, to a selection of pieces in which the author reflects on the ki … Read More

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