Some early morning thoughts about the New Mobility Agenda in Portugal

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1. Maybe it is time to start to think about our website. After all , while this Facebook group is a great place to get started, a strong home page is a critical instrument for communications and exchange for all we want, all we need to do together.

2. We have a fair amount of experience in this. Let me most notably point you to the approach we are taking with World Streets at and our just getting going collaborative knowledge-building project Sustainable Development, Business & Society at

3. I am thinking that if we build on the best of these for the Portugal project, we may have something quite handsome and functional.

4. I also have some thoughts as to how to enhance/facilitate the bi-lingual aspects. That will take a bit of geek grease, but if we can find a technical partner for that, we should end up looking pretty good.

5. I have just played with a new title/subtitle, as you can see at Probably not very good, so tell me how to do it better.

6. We are going to need some Contributing Editors if this thing is going to start to move. Bearing in mind that we want to have people and coverage not only on Active Transport (Biking and walking), but also on new uses of buses and taxis, parking strategies, new approaches at street sharing, limiting auto access in certain parts of the city, economic instruments, special mobility problems of less advantaged people and groups, new approaches to pricing, ticketing and access, public participation, walking and biking to school, slow streets, leading and lagging practices and cities in Portugal, new sources of finance, etc.

7. And a clear (short and readable, but still strategic and comprehensive) Mission Statement.

Finally, it may be too early to get started on this, but it would be good at least to have your views. And of course it would be wonderful if we could find someone to pay for some of this. Any ideas for a sponsor or sponsors (without letting anyone get in the way of our total independence from commercial interests or political parties, of course).

But one thing at a time.

Eric Britton


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