Social Space Street Photos from Portugal:

Over at World Streets we have been working for the last months in a collaborative manner with our international colleagues to create a kind of metaphor for transport in cities, in the form of photographs that follow our so-called “Social Space Format”.

If you go to the draft work site we have started to develop in the hope of turning it over to an all-Portuguese Nova Mobilidade team (or at least mostly Portuguese) at you will see a good example on the cover page (thanks to Miguel Barroso for that one from Lisbon).

For background on how we see this working, you may wish to have a look at and for close to one hundred striking photos of streets and street-related scenes around the work, a quick click to will take you there. We see these as not only photographs but also back-of-the brain-metaphors that can help the readers, and ourselves, to better seize what our street are all about.

Here is a modest proposal for discussion:

What about seeing if we could together develop a series of striking images of Portuguese streets and street scenes? The format is somewhat constraining – 940 by 198 pixels – but has the advantage of forcing us to enlarge our field of vision. Which seems to me just about right it we wish to render mobility in Portugal more inclusive.

Do we have volunteers? And some 940×198 photos that will remind us all of what this is supposed to be all about? Photos of the good of course but also the bad and the ugly. Let’s let our eyes wander wide. This can only expand our brains and make us better equipped to handle this tough challenge.

Eric Britton (temporary editor, awaiting better)


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